Monday, August 2, 2010

I Say No To Dating Toothless Men!

I had a very busy weekend, but in between fitting in a little work and play I got hit on by a couple guys.

First up, was a guy who kept trying to get my attention from afar. Yea, I saw him but nope, not, negative. He had on a two-piece white outfit and frankly, he looked like he had just left an all-white party in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

I'm a mouth and nice teeth (teefus) person so I pay very close attention to teefus and wowsa, he had a party going on and his teefus were body rockin. LOLOLOL

But he was shit sharp! Or at least he thought he was. White cappy cap and all. Gooooone boi! In the opposite direction.

Any who.

He was just getting ready to go in for the kill and I found somebody to hand a flier to -- for work -- and I intentionally struck up a conversation because oooooweee ooooowee there was no way no way I would even consider a guy like that. He just wasn't my type.

Whew! I swung the sweat off my brow and kept it moving.

Second up, was a guy who I am sure had fire coming from his mouf cause his breath was sooooo on fiyah. Yikes!

He was jibba jabbin and jibba jabbin. I thought he was a friend of my gf's fam, but come to find out he was just a straggler who managed to hustle up on a couple drinks and some food. All the while, I thought he was a friend of the fam, which is the only reason I was even being cordial.

But when I got ready to make my exit, he came walking behind me saying he wanted to get to know me better. Huh! Exsqueeeeze me. Your shoes are run over, waaaaaay over, that cap is supa dirty and you are missing at least three teefus.

Heck, I ain't tryin to act like I'm Miss America but come da fudge on. I'm not Miss Toothless America either. LOLOLOL

Then one guy told me that there is a shortage of good black women, dude, dude, dude, there is a shortage of good black men. OK, forget good -- let's start with a mouth full of teefus. Is that too much to ask for?

*on the floor, gasping for air LOLOLOLOL

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