Monday, May 18, 2009

Licking Lips Means I Like You

Actions speak louder than words but body language, if you know how to read it, can tell it all.

I've been told before that body language doesn't mean anything, but that is wrong, wrong, wrong. It means everything.

If you are talking to someone, don't you want him or her to look at you and seem interested in what you are saying?

A person's body language indicates if you have someone's attention.

But more than telling if someone is listening to you, it can tell you how a person feels and what that person wants you to do.

If you wanna know if someone is interested in you, watch their lips.


An image of LL Cool J just popped in my mind, licking those big ole lippy lips.

And the lip licking may be why he has the name Ladies Love Cool J.

Really, lip and mouth activities are the biggest clues, ummm body language, that someone is interested. This includes licking lips and biting lips.

But women also play with jewelry -- earrings, bracelets, necklaces. And not just crossing, but intertwining legs is another sign that she is interested and wants to be approached.

A huge clue that women give is playing in their hair. If she is twirling her hair on her finger and running her hands through her hair -- Bingo! She likes you.

For men, the body language is a bit different.

A raised brow look with flaring nostrils from a guy means I like you. This look says I'm very interested.

I've gotten this look before and wondered if the guy was a goofball.

What is he stretching his eyes for, I thought.

While a woman is flipping, flopping and playing in her hair, guys will touch their lapel or tie. Basically, he is trying to make sure he looks good.

But not only is he checking out himself, he is checking you out. When you walk, he is visual voyaging. He is scanning your body and considering you as a sexual partner.

I'm sure you guys and ladies know the look, it's that uh-huh, oh-yea, I-can-do-you look.

If he is sitting across from you ladies, he will flash you a crotch shot.

Yep, a crotch shot. He will spread his legs.

And you thought only women did that. With this language, he's trying to show off his package.

Perhaps showing you what he would like to give you. :)

So how does your body language indicate that you are interested? Do you lick your lips or sit with your legs open? Or tell me what gets your attention? Or has anyone every walked by you and dropped something to get your attention?

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  1. I couldn't help but think of Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" with all the talk about people spreading their legs, lol. I'm not sure I have what it takes for all that, but I do think the intrigue of the eyes is undeniable. And a smile can be like diabetes-the other silent killer! It's like kryptonite to Superman! A smile and nice eyes can change your mood and make you forget what you were thinking about.... definite attention grabbers for me.

  2. Tanqueray,

    Yes, I'm with you about the eyes. Check out this older blog:

  3. LOL! I just checked out your referenced post on "Sex starts in the eyes." Agreed sista, agreed :-) The eyes are a wicked pleasure because they say A LOT (sometimes to a fault)! Definitely an integral piece and prelude to a good love making session, arguably as important as any other major sex organ!

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